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We sell the items here in good faith hoping that the buyers can get great keys and tools at great prices. We supply many locksmiths and hobbyist through this website and although we sell our items in good faith, we take no responsibility for the actions of the people who buy our items. Hopefully you will enjoy your purchases and tell others of the great prices and quality of the all round service provided. Its always good to hear from people who have had success with our items, so if you have had some success please email us, it would be great to hear how you got on.

We test every item we sell on the website to make sure all the products are working perfectly, this also allows us to offer better customer support to you the customer. If you are using soley our bump keys and washers we can often help with the perfect settings to get the right results from the keys you use, we are always here to help should you require assistance.

Should you be looking for a specific Locksmithing tool , please email us just because we don’t have it on the site, does not mean we cannot get it for you. It may be possible and maybe at a great price so its always worth emailing to see if we can help.

There are many items on the site to choose from many of which we have created ourselves that no one else has, but as usual many will buy them and copy them for their own websites as they have done in the past. Its worth noting that these keys that people copy from us will not be as effective as our keys cut direct from our masters.

Should you be looking for an item in particular, please email us, maybe we can get hold of it for you or order it for you, either way we will do our best to get the product you want as soon as we can. If we can not supply the item you are looking for maybe we can find somewhere that does sell the item and point you in the right direction. Our supplier has many tools, klom, goso, lishi, southord, brockhage etc, and hopefully more brands soon.

Should you need to contact us via mail, it can be done at the address below.

SDL Services
10 St Petersgate


TEL - 0161 480 5730

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